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We are the Richards family: Haydyn, Jess, Connor, Indiana and Mackenzie. 


We are from Quairading, Western Australia. But for now we call our caravan home, and wherever it is parked is our backyard!  

We choose to travel Australia as we wanted to make the most of our time with our young kids and forge a bond like no other, as we realised they grow up too quick, and before you know it they dont want to hang around mum and dad anymore!


So we decided to do things differently, we bought a caravan, packed up our lives into boxes, rented out the house and waved goodbye to the stresses and worries of "normal" life! We took off for the adventure of a lifetime around Australia, no plans or itinerary, just living in the moment!  

To make this all possible, 24 months ago we established our own business online leveraging social media, which has now grown into multiple streams of income. Part of what we do is to coach & mentor everyday parents like us to make income online so they have choices and flexibility to be able to spend everyday with their kids if they choose. 

Family of 5, helping other families get started online to help them live life on their terms
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